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Three Recipes to Try with Soymilk!

Looking for ways to incorporate soymilk into your life? Check out these three recipes for more ideas! 👇

Did you know: Soymilk's protein and nutrition is comparable to dairy milk.

1️⃣ Looking to stay toasty this fall? Try this cream of asparagus soup with soymilk! It's the perfect option to warm you up for lunch or dinner! 🤤🍲

2️⃣ Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with this soymilk raspberry frozen yogurt or switch it up and add a different fruit like mangoes, kiwi, or bananas! 😋🍨

3️⃣ Looking for a savory side dish? Check out this cinnamon mocha soymilk risotto to add to your meals or as a snack! 😍🍚

Head to the link in our bio for all the recipes and more! 🤩🙌

*recipes and photos* taken from the Soyfoods Website

*Risotto Photo was taken from:

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