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We believe the time for soyfoods has arrived. When 2020 rolled around with its COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions and temporary shortages in grocery stores, many folks starting cooking from scratch. We are among them. That got us thinking about what was in our own pantries. Versatile soyfoods not only provide complete protein, many of them are shelf-stable and affordable ingredients. It makes sense to keep them on hand when you’re balancing your budget, your time and your healthy lifestyle.


Soyfoods make it simple to satisfy everyone, from omnivores to vegetarians. With so many consumers upping the amount of plant protein they eat, soyfoods are a great choice. No dietary changes are required—simply add a little soy to what you’re already eating.

And while foods like TVP/TSP and tofu may be new to many Americans, they’re common ingredients in Asia and elsewhere around the world. After all, American cuisine continues to be enriched by global influences that includes soy-based ingredients like miso and soy sauce, and plant-based complete proteins like edamame and soymilk.

The ideas in this recipe collection are meant as guidelines and suggestions. We encourage you to add seasonal produce and other favorite proteins of choice to the basic recipes. We urge you to tap into your own creativity and tweak your own favorite recipes by adding soy protein. For additional recipe ideas and updates about the health benefits of soy protein, browse The Soyfoods Council website:

Finally, we give thanks where it is due. We are grateful to the farmers who help feed us all. The efforts of Iowa soybean growers support global animal agriculture as well as soyfoods industries around the world. We are grateful for the Iowa Soybean farmers and their enthusiasm and generosity in funding this cookbook project. In addition to soybean farmers, we thank the more than two dozen food professionals who have shared their recipes with us all.

We invite you to settle in and move over a little to make room for more seats at the world’s table. Oh, and keep your forks, everybody: Dessert is coming.
—Linda Funk and Gail Bellamy

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The Soyfoods Council Cookbook with more than 100 Plant-based Recipes

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