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Soy Series: Part Two

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

We're highlighting an amazing 4-part Soy Series by the International Food Information Council.

The four-part series on the basics of soy foods. Today's Part 2 article in this series focuses on ingredients made from soy that are used in many familiar foods. Check out today's highlight! Soy Series, Part Two: Soy-derived Ingredients (Allison Webster, PhD, RD) To read the full length feature, click here: https://foodinsight.org/soy-series-soy-derived-ingredients/ Food ingredients derived from soy are primarily made from the carbohydrate and protein parts of the soybean. Learn how the soybean is separated and processed to make a wide range of soy-derived ingredients that have many uses in our food supply. Check out the examples of food ingredients derived from soy:

Soy flour, soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate, soy fiber, textured soy protein, and soy lecithin.

To learn about each, read here: https://foodinsight.org/soy-series-soy-derived-ingredients/ #soyfoodscouncil #soy #thesoyfoodscouncil #eatmoresoy #nutritionresearch #nutrition #plantbased #highprotein #highfiber #hearthealthy

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