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Vegan Tofu Panna Cotta

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

By Chef Lynn Pritchard

Yield: 4 to 6 servings

Coffee 1 Cup

Caffè Amaro 2 Tbspn

Biscuits or Dried Bread 8 to 20, depending on size

Soft Silken Tofu 12.5oz, drained and pressed

Coconut Yogurt 9oz

Vanilla Paste 2 tspn

Sugar ½ cup

Agar Agar Powder 2 Tbspn

Cocoa powder to garnish

Fruit to garnish

Prepare the coffee and combine with the Caffè Amaro or other coffee-flavored liqueur. Gently dip the biscuits into the coffee mixture and transfer to the individual glassware. Once the biscuits are divided, you may add a few extra drops of the coffee, if desired.

In a blender, combine the drained tofu, coconut yogurt, vanilla paste, sugar and agar. Fully process and divide amongst your glassware. Fully chill to set; approximately 2 – 3 hours. Once chilled, remove from and dust with cocoa powder and garnish with fresh or candied fruit.

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