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Summer Salads Soar When Tofu Meets a Melon Baller

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Linda Funk

Executive Director

The Soyfoods Council


Ankeny, Iowa, June 21, 2021—Few foods are more plant-forward than seasonal salads, especially when you add plant protein in the form of tofu to the mix. The Soyfoods Council reminds you that one serving of tofu provides approximately 8 grams of complete protein, offering all of the essential amino acids in the proper amounts needed for healthy growth.

According to a 2020 Innova Consumer Survey, the top four reasons for considering plant-based dairy and meat alternatives are health, variety, sustainability and taste. When it comes to nondairy alternatives to fresh mozzarella in salads, consider incorporating versatile water-packed tofu or shelf-stable silken tofu. Bite-sized tofu formed with a melon baller offers a familiar shape that takes on the flavor of marinades, dressings and sauces. Here are two simple salad inspirations.

Pasta salad for picnics: For a colorful salad, combine tri-color rotini pasta, small broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes and similar-sized firm silken tofu balls made with a 1” melon baller. If desired, add olives of choice. Finish the salad with prepared Italian salad dressing and toss. Note: After making the tofu balls, you can use any leftover firm tofu crumbles in fried rice or stir-fry dishes.

• The Caprese Salad Reimagined: The classic three-ingredient Caprese is a seasonal celebration made with sliced fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced garden-fresh tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. The Soyfoods Council suggests adding plant protein in the form of extra firm silken tofu—the kind that comes packaged in a box.

Start with bagged chopped lettuce, and top with fresh tomato slices, fresh chiffonade of basil (cut into strips), silken tofu either sliced or scooped out with a melon baller. Finish with a drizzle of oil and vinegar dressing or balsamic glaze.

If desired, you can combine tofu balls and fresh mozzarella balls in your salads. Don’t forget that silken tofu also serves as a base for sensational salad dressings. Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and Dip is a simple-to-make crowd pleaser. To make it, whisk one cup of unsweetened soymilk with a tablespoon of white vinegar, ½ cup soft silken tofu, ½ cup plain Greek yogurt or soy yogurt, and a packet of Ranch dressing mix.

If you’re looking for more summery salad ideas, The Soyfoods Council can help with its new digital cookbook, Really Fast, Really Easy, Really Good: Plant-based recipes made with shelf-stable soyfoods. Visit The Soyfoods Council website to download your free copy:

The Soyfoods Council website also provides family-friendly recipes, tips for cooking with soyfoods, research updates on soyfoods and health, and ways to incorporate more plant protein into your diet.


About the Soyfoods Council: The Soyfoods Council is a non-profit organization, created and funded by Iowa soybean farmers, providing a complete resource to increase awareness of soyfoods, educate and inform media, healthcare professionals, consumers and the retail and foodservice markets about the many benefits of soyfoods. Iowa is the country’s number one grower of soybeans and is the Soyfoods Capital of the world.

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