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No-Bake Soyfoods Desserts for Easy Mother’s Day Celebrations

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Linda Funk

Executive Director

The Soyfoods Council


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Ankeny, Iowa, April 9, 2024— Moms, and all who celebrate them, can simplify a sweeteer Mother’s Day by offering no-bake desserts featuring soyfoods. Whether your guests prefer fruit flavors, chocolate, or the crunch of cookies, The Soyfoods Council has easy recipes to share. 

Sustainable soy ingredients—such as soymilk, silken tofu and soynut butter— include soy isoflavones that have the potential to enhance your skin’s appearance and fight the effects of aging. But contributing to skin health and offering cholesterol-free complete plant protein aren’t the best part of preparing recipes with soyfoods. We’re all about the people-pleasing aspects of recipes that help feed your family, friends and guests.

For cookie-lovers,  No-Bake Chocolate Cookies feature light vanilla soymilk, soynut butter, soynuts, cocoa powder, margarine, rolled oats, sugar and vanilla extract. 

Pie fans will appreciate creamy recipes enhanced by fillings made with silken tofu. Choose from recipes such as No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Raspberry PieChocolate Peanut Butter Tofu Tart and Chocolate Pudding Pies.  These pie fillings are added to simple pie crusts made with chocolate cookie crumbs, graham cracker crumbs or ground almonds and rolled oats.

Rich chilled desserts include Mixed Berry Delight made with a combination of firm tofu, cream cheese, whipped topping and mixed berries.  Silky Lemon Tofu Pudding combines silken tofu with a jar of lemon curd and is topped with fresh berries.

You can also create your own quick, chilled desserts by combining silken tofu with melted butterscotch chips, orange marmalade and mandarin orange segments, or a small jar of lime curd or ready-made caramel. For an added flavor boost, add a dab of white miso to caramel. 

For recipes, visit the Soyfoods Council website: The website frequently adds new recipes, cooking tips and updates on soyfoods and health.


About soyfoods and sustainability: Sustainability is a soy tradition. U. S. soybean farmers have been practicing sustainable agriculture methods for decades. Currently, 95% of U.S. soy growers are committed to sustainable farming practices and partner with the USDA to implement conservation programs. Soyfoods may play a significant role as a source of protein that minimally contributes to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in comparison to other protein sources.

About the Soyfoods Council: The Soyfoods Council is a non-profit organization, created and funded by Iowa soybean farmers, providing a complete resource to increase awareness of soyfoods, educate and inform media, healthcare professionals, consumers and the retail and foodservice markets about the many benefits of Soyfoods.

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