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Here’s a step-by-step guide to making Instant Pot soymilk yogurt and homemade granola for ready-to-assemble breakfast or snack parfaits.

Make soymilk yogurt to store in the refrigerator for quick breakfasts or snacks.

Soymilk Yogurt Ingredients: ½ gallon plain soymilk ¼ cup plain whole milk Greek yogurt with live active cultures

Step one: Add ½ gallon of plain unsweetened soymilk and ¼ cup plain whole milk Greek yogurt with live cultures to an InstantPot. 

Whisk to incorporate, then set the Instant Pot on the Yogurt setting.

We used Trader Joe’s Organic Soy Beverage with only two ingredients—water and organic whole soybeans. Make sure that the plain yogurt you choose for a starter specifies both whole milk and live cultures as ingredients.

Step two: In 12 hours, you’ll have soymilk yogurt—approximately 8 cups of it— that you can store in glass jelly jars with lids.

Just before serving, stir in a drizzle of honey and a little lemon zest, if desired.

Step three: Make granola ahead of time and store in a large zip bag in the freezer for breakfast on busy days. Use granola in soymilk yogurt breakfast parfaits, or sprinkle it on fresh fruit or chilled desserts.

Oatmeal, TSP and Coconut Granola Ingredients:

2 cups old fashioned oat meal, rolled oats ½ cup TSP (textured soy protein) 1 cup shredded coconut ¼ cup mixture of chia, hemp seeds and flax seeds 3 Tbsp. soybean oil 2/3 cup honey or maple syrup ¼ cup brown sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 cup mixed dried fruits (raisins, dried cherries, dried cranberries, chopped dried apricots, etc.)

Preheat oven to 350°F. On a foil-lined sheet pan, toast a mixture of 2 cups of oatmeal (old fashioned rolled oats), 1 cup of shredded coconut, ½ cup TSP (Textured Soy Protein) for 10 to 12 minutes. If desired, add ¼ cup mixture of chia, hemp seeds and flax seeds, available at Walmart.

Transfer the toasted mixture to a large bowl.   In a small saucepan, combine 3 Tbsp. soybean oil, 2/3 cup honey or maple syrup and ¼ cup brown sugar.  Bring mixture to a boil and cook, stirring, for one minute. Remove mixture from heat; add 1 tsp. vanilla extract and pour over toasted oatmeal/TSP mixture.

Add 1 cup of mixed, chopped dried fruits such as dried cherries, dried apricots, dried cranberries and raisins, to the oatmeal/TSP mixture. Pour the boiled mixture over the toasted mixture. Mix well to coat all ingredients, and then return granola to the sheet pan.

Reduce oven heat to 300°F and bake granola for about 20 minutes, or until the mixture is lightly browned, stirring occasionally as it bakes.

Remove browned granola from oven and allow it to cool on a sheet of waxed paper, stirring it to break apart any clumps.

To assemble breakfast parfaits, add ½ to ¾ cup soymilk yogurt to a glass or a bowl. If desired, drizzle honey and add a little lemon zest to the yogurt.  Top the soymilk yogurt with ¼ cup of granola.

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