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Call for Recipes Pairing Soy and Turkey in Iowa Chefs’ Competition

Updated: Mar 31

Linda Funk

Executive Director

The Soyfoods Council


Ankeny, Iowa, July 11, 2023—

Iowa professional chefs have until August 31 to submit their original recipes featuring turkey and soyfoods for The Perfect Pairing: Turkey and Soy Recipe Contest.

Contestants will compete for a portion of $15,000 in cash prizes. The competition is sponsored by the Iowa Turkey Federation and the Iowa Soybean Association to promote the creativity and expertise of the state’s chefs as they develop new turkey and soy menu items.

The three recipe categories for The Perfect Pairing contest are Soups, Bowls, and Small Plates (appetizers and snacks) combining the two high-quality proteins. In each category, $5,000 in cash awards will be distributed.

First place winners each receive $2,500; second place awards are $1,500, with third place prizes of $1,000. All winners will be awarded display plaques for their restaurants. Chefs also will feature their recipes on the menu for three months, providing restaurant patrons with an opportunity to enjoy the award-winning dishes.

The top three winners in each category will have a photo shoot for media purposes. Winning recipes and photos will be provided to foodservice publications and featured in social media programs.

Here’s how to enter:

Chefs from Iowa restaurants or other commercial foodservice operations should submit their recipes to The Perfect Pairing: Turkey and Soy Recipe Contest by August 31, 2023 to

Qualifying turkey ingredients: Recipes should include new applications for ground turkey, turkey tenderloins or turkey breast meat. No turkey burgers, deli meats or Thanksgiving recipes, please.

Qualifying soy products: Edamame, TVP® (Textured Vegetable Protein, also called TSP or Textured Soy Protein), miso and tofu—silken or water-packed. Soybean oil also may be included as an ingredient.

Competition judges will be looking for the most creative, innovative recipes pairing turkey with soy in ways that address today’s eating trends. For example, entries can feature turkey and soy pairings that appeal to snackers, adventurous restaurant-goers seeking out global tastes, or flexitarian consumers who want new, lighter menu options. Winners will be announced in October, 2023.


For more contest information, visit The Soyfoods Council website at and the Iowa Turkey Federation at


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