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Marinade 1/4 cup soy sauce

1 tablespoon rice vinegar

1 teaspoon brown sugar

2 garlic cloves, to taste, minced or chopped

1 tablespoons minced ginger

1 teaspoon cayenne

2 tablespoons dark sesame oil


One package Tofu-Extra Firm

Snap Peas


Baby Kale

Julienned cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, red pepper and jicama

Instructions Whisk together all of the ingredients in a bowl and let tofu soak in fridge overnight. (or at least for one hour)Cut tofu diagonally into two triangles, and cut a slit on each triangleBake tofu at 400 degrees for 30 minutes on each side (longer if you like your tofu firmer)Mix veggies and drizzle leftover marinade over veggies.Stuff each tofu triangle with veggies and sprinkle with sesame or chia seeds.

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