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Soy Cow

No, we’re not claiming soymilk comes from a cow. Today’s retro-hip version of the soda fountain classic Black Cow —also known as a root beer float made with ice cream— is made with vanilla soymilk. It has the added flavor of coffee and perhaps a drop of lime juice. Vanilla soymilk provides creaminess as well as protein.

Serves 1

1 cup root beer

½ cup vanilla soymilk

¼ teaspoon coffee extract

optional, ½ teaspoon lime juice (fresh, or bottled)

optional, a dollop of ice cream or soy ice cream to float on top

Add root beer. Vanilla soymilk, coffee extract and optional lime juice to a glass. If desired, top with a small amount of soy ice cream.To create a cocktail, add a shot of Kahlua.

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