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Light and Easy Southwestern Twist to Soy

Ingredients Small red onion

Package of sliced mushrooms

ButterSoy crumbles– 1 package Morning Star

Soy sour cream

Package of powdered taco seasoning

Chopped spinach or lettuce

Soy shredded cheese

Black olives

Fresh cucumbers

Fresh tomato

Pita bread

Instructions Sautee the chopped onion and mushrooms in frying pan with butter. Once finished, you can use the same pan to heat up the soy crumble.

Cup of soy sour cream and mix with up to one package of dry taco seasoning.

Chop the lettuce or spinach.

Slice the black olives, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Spread the soy sour cream/taco seasoning into the pita pocket. Then assemble all the ingredients into the pita.

Great with a glass of Soy milk.

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