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Joys of Soy: Sustainability

U.S. soybean farmers take pride in protecting both land and water resources. For decades, soybean farmers have adopted conservation practices like cover crops, no-till agriculture, and innovations in plant breeding to grow soybeans sustainably. Consumers domestically and internationally are concerned about sustainability. To address that concern, the U.S. soy industry introduced U.S. Soybean Sustainability Assurance Protocol to demonstrate the sustainability of U.S. soy. Data is collected from farmers nationwide who participate in national conservation programs. The information serves as proof that the U.S. soy crop is produced under a system of sustainability that includes everything from water conservation to energy use.

According to Mintel, consumers in the U.S. include sustainability and naturalness as motivating factors. A wide variety of soyfoods are available to those whose buying choices are influenced by a desire for minimally processed foods.

To kick off the summer, try these easy, delish and nutritious dishes to celebrate soy sustainability! The tofu souffle can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and so versatile, use your favorite veggies! The Mexican salad can be made ahead and is a perfect match for almost any entrée. I am seeing lots of watermelon in the supermarkets. It is so fresh and perfect with this tofu dressing. ENJOY!

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