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Joys of Soy: May 2021

Summer is right around the corner. And grilling and outdoor activities are top priorities. It seems like there are more flexitarians and people who choose plant-based eating these days. And soyfoods have everyone one covered! If you are an omnivore or vegetarian, there is something for you to include when enjoying grilling or a picnic. Edamame is a great soyfoods to include in vegetable dishes, salads or even eat as a snack right from the pod. The Mexican Vegetable salad is a favorite, you can make ahead and have ready to go. And remember there are lots of soy meat alternative options if needed. Just remember they need to be heated through not cooked like beef, pork or chicken. If you are new to meat alternatives, the inclination is to cook like meat and then the results are dry and not very tasty.

Start the grills and end joy the nice weather!

Linda Funk

The Soyfoods Council

Check out these recipes:





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