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Fruit Crisp

Ingredients 5 cups sliced, peeled cooking apples, pears, peaches or apricots, or frozen unsweetened peach slices

2-4 tablespoons granulated sugar

½ cup regular rolled oats

½ cup packed brown sugar

1/3 cup soy flour

¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg, ginger or cinnamon

¼ cup butter or margarine

¼ cup chopped, hulled, unsalted soynuts

Vanilla soy ice cream (optional)

Instructions For filling, thaw fruit, if frozen. Do not drain. Place fruit in a 2-quart square baking dish. Stir in the granulated sugar.For topping, in a medium bowl combine the oats, brown sugar, flour and nutmeg, ginger or cinnamon. Cut in butter or margarine until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Stir in the soynuts. Sprinkle topping over fillingBake crisp in a 375 degree oven for 30-35 minutes (40 minutes for thawed fruit) or until fruit is tender and topping is golden. If desired, serve warm with soy ice cream.

Makes 6 servings.

Notes Tip: Try including soy flour as a topping ingredeint along with rolled oats, brown sugar and butter or margarine. Hulled soynuts and textured soy protein are an idea way to add crunch.

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