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Fall is perfect for Warm Drinks

The leaves are falling, the air is starting to be cool. Do you start to crave warm comforting drinks or seasonal drinks?

The worlds easiest hot chocolate is so quick to do. Buy some chocolate soymilk, add to a favorite mug and microwave for a minute or two. Add marshmallows, if you want and you have the best hot chocolate with no effort or mess. It is delish and is a great way to get the preferred plant protein with so many health benefits. Kids love it too. A great snack too.

When do you start to think about eggnog? Supermarkets start to offer eggnog around the holidays. But guess what, now you can enjoy soy eggnog without waiting for the holidays. There is a shelf-stable soy eggnog! Keep it on your pantry shelves and enjoy whenever the mood moves you. I love eggnog! I love the taste and the creaminess. A cinnamon stick is perfect to stir the eggnog and add additional flavor.

Start enjoying the warmth of soy drinks!

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