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Chocolate Soynut Spread

Ingredients 2 cups salted soynuts (plain or a sweeter flavor variety)

1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

¾ cup powdered sugar

2-4 Tablespoons soybean oil

Instructions In a food processor with metal blade, add soy.

Sprinkle cocoa powder and powdered sugar.

Process 1-2 minutes to combine.

Drizzle in oil 1 Tablespoon oil at a time while processing.

Process until mixture becomes smooth approximately 3-5 min, adding oil until the desired consistency is achieved.

Notes Jim and Jan’s notesWe used Butter Toffee soy nuts from Super Soynuts ( Depending on the sweetness that is desired, would not use as much or any powdered sugar as it was sweet enough. If add, I would decrease the amount of powdered sugar. It would cut down on calories big time! We serve with Zucchini bread made with tofu. YUM!!

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